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Building a brand while throwing a party

On the 30th of November, we were lucky to get the chance to help celebrate the 90-year anniversary of Koda – a Danish organisation that manages collective rights for music creators and publishers.


In recent years, Koda’s communicative focus has been on building relations, service, positive press and a digital upgrade. However, incorporating their own brand messaging had taken a back seat to performing at their best for their clients. Therefore, the time had come to strengthen Koda’s image, as it had not evolved with the same speed and fervor as the organisation itself.

Taking off from the core story of Koda, we tried to brush the dust off by placing new meaning into a logo that no longer inspired a strong connection with its members. The result was fresh but professional, placing the focus back on Koda itself – not only its industry as a whole.

By combining key words from Koda’s core story with the logo’s visual elements, we found a way to tie these closer together in a cost effective and flexible campaign. One that clearly portrays what Koda stands for, and what music and its easy accessibility means to everyone.

Balancing commercial interests with creative integrity

On top of this, we also wanted the actions of Koda to live up to its movement towards a more modern organization; one that handles music rights in a market that moves further and further into the digital sphere every day.

We did this by portraying how music is a boundless concept that can emerge from anywhere. On the 30th of November, we hosted the first in a series of pop-up concerts for Koda’s 90th anniversary and streamed it live to thousands online. The performance of the popular new Danish band Phlake mirrored the updated image of renewed excitement while it reinforced the faith and support Koda provides to Danish artists.

While we found a new way for Koda to activate its large network of music creators, it was always integral to avoid interfering with the artistic integrity of the individual creator, and let them perform and participate on their own terms. Ultimately, partnerships like these are tying the association of Koda closer to the product that they are selling and facilitating – music experiences shared in the public space.

So happy birthday Koda, here’s to more ideas that push your core story and celebrate the people you work so hard to support. Congratulations from all of us at ADtomic!


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